Anonymous asked:

how do you think larry started?

le-mon-face-deactivated20140305 answered:

do you mean how i think they got together? i hope you mean that because i am here to talk about this head-canon anytime, any day.

tbh sometimes i like to think about how terrible harry and louis must have been during the x-factor, like how much everyone else must have been simultaneously grossed out and in love with how much they were in love with each other. you know how in every kindergarten class there are two little kids who walk around holding hands and refuse to go on the swings unless there are two swings next to each other, and all the other kids giggle and go “ewwwww” every time they kiss each other? like that, except everybody was like “aw, they love each other!” and then quickly realized oh wait, they LOVE each other.

and then it must have been a lot of fun to watch them because they were so stupid, so ridiculously idiotic over each other and convinced that nobody knew, oblivious to everything but their little harryandlouis bubble. they were always touching each other (the way you do when you really really like someone and you just can’t stop because it feels like you’re constantly hungry and you’re only getting tiny bites of what you really want) and complimenting each other and talking about each other, and it must have been so annoying, omg. little harry and little louis were so open and sweet and snuggly, and they must have spent so much time going on and on about each other’s wonderfulness.

how i think it happened is this: early on the x-factor, like probably week 2 or 3, they’re wrestling on a bed, probably tickling, and when they’re tired they cuddle up facing each other, with their noses practically touching, all breathless and giggly. and louis starts teasing harry about his curls, telling him they make his ears look quirky (querkyyyy), so harry pouts until louis starts playing with his hair and says it’s so pretty, i wish i had pretty curly locks like yours. and harry interrupts, all no, no, you’re beautiful exactly like you are, lou, you’re so pretty, i like you so much. and louis leans in to pretend-kiss harry’s nose because harry’s compliments make him so bashful he has to do something to dispel the feeling. but harry – lbr we all know it was harry because that little dude was hardcore, totally balls-out from the beginning – is just bubbling over with all his FEELINGS GOD and gives louis a real kiss, right on the mouth.

it’s one of those kisses that could be a joke if you let it, and louis gives him a way out, laughing and saying what are you doing, you silly tumbleweed. but harry’s not about to let him brush it off and says stop, stop teasing, i was kissing you. louis bites his lip and waits a second, then says that’s not how you kiss someone, harold. and harry says oh no? you show me then. louis snuggles in all close to him, and harry expects another joke – it’s hard for louis to be serious like this, when they’re looking into each other’s eyes – but louis presses his lips against harry’s in this sweet, tentative way, not at all like brash tommo but exactly like the boy harry’s in love with. it’s harry who deepens it, parting his lips and reaching out to bring louis closer, sliding his knee between louis’s knees so they can fit together better. and louis whispers you’re a quick study, styles and they’re both giggling against each other, kissing again and again and after each one louis says pay attention, harold, this is a kiss or that’s not a kiss, that’s an attack on me lips or sorry love but i have to bite you. and harry spends the rest of the entire x-factor with chapped lips, all starry-eyed and beaming with happiness, because he and louis spend hours on end just kissing and rubbing against each other, sneaking away from everyone and getting off in the bathroom. but pretty soon everybody knows anyway, and they start a game where they get points whenever they walk in on harry and louis (1 point for kissing, 2 if necessary clothes are missing, 5 if hands aren’t visible).

and i think that probably when they’re doing an interview about it in a few months or years they’ll still argue about which one of them kissed the other first because obviously it was harry, but harry will get all huffy like but you SAID it wasn’t a proper kiss and then showed me how to – and louis will cover his mouth and say no no no, don’t listen to him, he made the first move, just watch the x-factor diaries HE WAS SOOOO EMBARRASSING and they’ll play-wrestle with harry trying to be dignified while shrieking, until louis gets all ARE YOU QUITE FINISHED and harry finally admits he did, in fact, make the first move.